Backpacking Hacks & Tips

Ever notice how you meet the nicest folks while hiking?  It's almost as if the further you hike out, the nicer they are.  After chatting with so many people, you get a chance to learn how they make their time in the wilderness easier and more enjoyable.  I've created a running list below which I will periodically add to.  I'm sure you'll find at least one tip in here that will serve you well.

  • Bring a few small oranges to eat and save the peels - you can make some great tea with the peels by simply adding boiling water.

  • If you need some extra warmth at night, pour nearly boiling water into your Nalgene bottle and keep it close to you while you sleep. To avoid a cold wake up call in the morning, wrap the bottle in a bandana or put the bottle in a sock.

  • Need a lantern? Wrap your headlamp around your Nalgene bottle (filled with water) twice and face the lamp toward the bottle.

  • For any non-freeze dried food, be sure it's in lightweight, non-bulky packaging. If not, move the item to a ziploc bag.

  • Save weight and space by only bringing travel size toiletries.

  • Want to bring a camping pillow but don't have the space or want to carry the extra weight? If you're already bringing a down jacket, bring a small pillowcase that you can stuff your jacket into and use as a pillow.

  • If it will be cold at night, be sure to place the batteries for your electronics (this includes usb portable power banks/battery packs) and your phone in the bottom of your sleeping bag to keep warm. Otherwise, the cold air will actually drain your batteries and/or they won't work as well the next day.